Fighter, lion and war survivor, jungle man, eleven, odd number and more are used as my names. They are used to describe me, my looks and the assumed best definition of who I am.
Looks could be everything when we decide to judge a book by its cover. Hopefully, we get to read the content someday. Tribal marks are associated with the various tribes in Nigeria, Africa. It implies for various cultures, different styles, meaning and positions of these marks.
Then, it served as an instrument for beautification, Identification and also for healing. However, it is interesting to know that we do not live in ‘then’ anymore and these marks do not fade, they do not disappear, rather they grow and live with us. It is also fascinating to know that what was considered as a mark of beauty and identification is now seen as strange, repulsive and ugly.
The bearers of these marks are humans too and should not be treated like crap. We, at different points in our lives have scars. The difference is ours are not printed on our faces but the truth is we still carry them wherever we go.
To be proud of these marks, these scars is more beautiful than the beauty or pain it tries to portray. Beyond these marks are humans with feelings and emotions who fight for an identity they are almost alienated from. It reminds us of home, of Nigeria, of Africa, where we are and where we are on to.
Civilization doesn’t imply “alienate a human with marks”. Civilization moves towards embracing change and development and not changing how a person should feel about oneself.
Again, hopefully we get to read the content of these books. Different shades of beauty are inscribed within those leaves. Read me.

PS- The beads also takes us back home to a place of identification and uniqueness. Who we are and who we can be.
Those eyes are hurt, longing and questioning why we should be looked at the way we are. These marks do not make us and shouldn’t be seen as repulsive. We are humans, a beautiful work of art and not papers to be discarded.

Stay Confident Lovelies,

Art by @lekanabatan.